Friday, September 01, 2006

Reverse Image Search

I like Google Image Search and in addition I'd like something like a Reverse Image Search. Let me explain:-
You copy an image into the engine.
The search tells you stuff about it.
Simple as that.
I have a lot of images lying around whose source I'd like to trace - and know more about. Wouldn't it be cool if I just copied an picture of say, a park in Delhi into this Revearse Image Search and it would tell me that the park is Shri Malwari Lal Park and the pic was taken by Mr. Harnam Singh?
Yanyway, more later.


[\\Kartikeya//] said...

hmm..coincidentally for the past few days..even i was wondering how nice the reverse thingy wud be..
ps:why dont u make ur comments section pop up in another window? thsi is quite cumbersome.

Dhruv said...

Personally, I dislike pop-ups of all kinds. They bug me. Can't help it/

RG said...

That is pretty hard to do, can be done in 2 ways:

1)The image format (jpeg, gif etc.) has an ability to store either a unique code, or info about the image (sort of like an mp3)

2)Each pixel of the image is analysed and compared (pretty much impossible)

sid said...

hey , redid my blog

tracking with analyitics now

Dhruv said...

RG: I know its hard to do, but its not impossible. Google has the requisite dough and brains to do it, so it aint impossible. Yanyway.
Sid: You must be nuts, commenting at 4:47 in the morning!

sid said...

well ur commenting at 5:37

blogger needs help with its time zones

Dhruv said...

Time zones! Crap