Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The exams are over

The exams are finally over. They went reasonably well (for any class 11 or 12th student, this means that I didn't have my ass kicked. This is the kinda pile of shit we're in, by the end of class XII).
The problem with the last exam is that, inevitably, the next day involves waking up at 11:30 with a splitting headache. No matter what you do, theres no getting away from the hangover that you get because of last night's partying (more specifically, last nights booze).
Anyhow, you guys know this as well as I do, so without further ado, lets move on to more pressing issues.
Tell me, do you like (or prefer) fat waiters or thin waiter? I think I'm biased towards thin waiters. They seem more efficient. I feel they can give me better service. Fat waiters, I believe, are slow and inefficient, and incapable of rendering good service. In other words, they make you wait, and, in effect, make you the waiter (okay, bad joke).
Fat waiters, on the other hand, give you the impression that the food has to be good. Think about it, waiters spend alot of time in their respective restaurants. If they're fat, it's probably because they eat a lot of food, most of it being prepared in-house. This, in turn, means that the food must be worthy of being eaten. In short: Fat waiters mean bad service, but good food. So make your choice.
And Einstein is (was) an absolute nitwit. I respect the fellow for his work and all, but his english is horrendous. I (and all other class 12 students of my school) had the misfortune of reading a speech that he declaimed on a dull, dreary day in New York. It's horrendous. Period. His sentences are long and fragmented, his organisation is utterly illogical and his style is, once again, horrendous. (You may level the same accusations against me but I'm not Einstein am I? Nor am I a nobel laureate).
Nordstrom is good.
That is all for now, my friends.
P.S. I heard from a reliable source that Gudi is restarting his blog.


Dhruv said...

Nordstrom is really good. Gotta love nordstrom.

Gursartaj said...

that reliable source was the G himself

RG said...

Talk about reliable

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okay dat comment was posted by me(akshat)