Friday, July 14, 2006


Welcome to Slurpin'.
I originally used to write on "the boondoggle blog", but I took a break from blogging, and the once renowned boondoggle blog fell into a state of negligence. I planned to relaunch the boondoggle blog as "the Boondoggle blog: Part Deux", but I eventually settled for Slurpin', which I found was much shorter and easier to spell and remember.
So, now that I have a name, I've created a blog and embarked on a great journey, a journey which will hopefully be a memorable one.
As an introduction, I think this will suffice, but do expect more interesting stuff from me, and keep coming back.
P.S. I may in due course repost some of my posts from the Boondoggle blog, and then again, I might not.

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