Saturday, March 31, 2007

Google does it again

Come April 1st, 2007, and Google has yet again managed to pull one of the coolest pranks ever. It's called Google Print. Check it out
I almost believed it - and frankly, it would've been an interesting service (also free).
Oh and btw, I'm back.


sid said...

that two this year... i posted about the other one on lnexun.

Its called TiSP.. really funny

» sahil said...
btw, they've changed the name to Gmail Paper :)

and i was about to tell you about TiSP, that's even funnier - imagine having a broadband that works through your toilet :0:)

Dhruv said...

Oh damn I missed out on the TiSP. Google has an awesome sense of humor.

@Sahil: i don't think they renamed it, i just got it wrong and messed up the name. Ah well.

Dhruv said...

A wise man once said: Life is like custard.