Thursday, February 15, 2007


I had my computer science practical yesterday. The viva totally sucked. The external examinor asked me stupid questions which I couldn't answer.
I just have this knack of appearing stupid (and unbelievably dumb) whenever I'm in the company of other people. People think I'm the kind of person who has a hard time understanding fractions and decimals. Same thing happened yesterday. The external examiner thought I was the kind of guy who wouldn't be able to write a hello world program in C++.
Anyhow, I finished my practical by 12:30. I roamed around in school for a while as I had to say "something" to "someone" till I figured I was making a fool of myself. And I couldn't locate "someone". So, I left for Priya by 1:00. By 1:30 I decided to go back to school. Reached back by 1:50, just when the buses were leaving and managed to make a fool of myself again.
So, then I went back to Priya again. What with St. Valentine's day and "love in the air", it was pretty nauseating. I didn't stick around too long.

Today I also got my SAT - I result. I must take my subject tests again.
SAT I- 2380 (780 in Math)
I won the bet.

As of now, I'm up to my chin in organic chem. Also, I'm figuring out how to NOT look like an idiot in front of other people.
One of these days, I'm going to buy a mountain bike.
Let me take this opportunity to tell you about this rather awesome lines:-
All generalizations are incorrect.
My advice to people is not to dispense advice.
I know they haven't been written verbatim, but this is all I can remember.

I also request two minutes of silence. Yesterday was St. Valentine's day. The day P.G. Wodehouse, the greatest author of all time, died. I shall never be able to enjoy V-Day.


P.S. I hate it when people say "anyways". For god sake its "anyway", without an 's'.


» sahil said...

you got 2380 in SAT-I!
Congrats :D

Gr81 said...

Hey amazing score man!

BTW, i never realized u luk "dumb" wen u r there with others... wish I culd see u while givin the viva!

Anyway Best Of Luck!

Abhishek said...

2380 is awesome.

I think "anyways" is something all these people have picked up from bollywood movies and hindi soaps. These things are going to have a disastrous effect on the English fluency levels. Even I am scared to write the SAT because I don't think my level of English is that great.

sid said...

viva have a general tendency of sucking....
just the way they are.

well done with the SAT score.

sid said...

i meant viva's or maybe vivae..

RG said...

about the PS:

"it's" with an '
"god's sake" with an s


RG said...

And yeah, did you piss that viva teacher off mate?

Coz in my face off with her the day after, your name 'came up' and my marks 'went down'...

[\\Kartikeya//] said...

Anyway, awesome score man!
Congrats and best of luck!
ps: sorry for the late comment

Dhruv said...

@RG: I didn't really piss her off. I just wasn't able to answer any of her stupid questions.
She asked me stupid definitions. You know, call by pointer and similar such shit.
I'm not very good at repeating definitions verbatim, so she was disappointed.

RG said...

She was asking me questions which I had to use pen and paper to answer - not programming related, no, thats FAR too practical for a viva - she has to ask me what type casting has to do with binary files and what FRIGGIN CHARACTERS A BINARY FILE STORES DATA AS!!

aniket said...
well done dude, 2380 is amazing!!

"others" here refers to me, akshat and the viva was stupid and illogical, wht has the practical examintaion of a student of c++ have anything to do with blurting out bookish definations of call by pointer functions?? i coudltn answer any received a "D" grade for the!

P.S>:are they functions or are they parameter passing methods?

aqseer said...

i dint know wodehouse died on 14 feb. that just makes v day.. all the more special..
sid. vivae? sounds rather larvae-ish dont u reckon?

Swagat said...

Someone has rightly said,
"A fool can ask more questions than
a wise man can answer."

No wonder why so many of us are speechless during the vivas....

Dhruv said...

@Aqseer: You don't like Wodehouse?!

@Swagat: I totally agree with you.

Aditya said...

Best Of Luck for the boards anyway
Aditya J

Dhruv said...


aqseer said...

DUUDE. i worship wodehouse.

RG said...

too many "..." make things appear sarcastic - or so it seems

Dhruv said...

Wodehouse is god. Looks like there are too few wodehouse fans these days.
@RG: Huh? What are you talking about?
Maybe you commented on the wrong blog.

Manas said...

Dhruv Kumar rules the world.

Manas said...

along with Manas Gautam that is. the worlds too big.

Dhruv said...

So, Manas is back from Japan, it seems.

RG said...

I didn't comment on the wrong blog. I was commenting on someone else's comment, but since there are 20+ comments, I sorta lost track and context.

nevertheless, best of luck for chem.

I prefer nevertheless to anyway.

Dhruv said...

Ah yes. Nevertheless is quite cumbersome.
And you can use anyway to change topics, you can't use nevertheless.

Anyway, best of luck for chem to you, too.

P.S. I dislike chemistry immensely. Inorganic, organic and general chemistry, in particular.

aqseer said...

hmm.. rg.. its not the ".." its the v day thing
and ahem. even if i dint like wodehouse.. i wudnt be going around celebrating the poor mans demise

aqseer said...

stopped posting u have.