Thursday, February 01, 2007


So, school life has officially come to an end for us. DPS RKP bid us farewell yesterday in the aptly named Greenfields on a hot, sunny day. It is now, officially, over.

Its sad. The school has been like a companion that we've been walking with. At the start of this "journey", our "companion" walked right by us, hand-in-hand. It made sure we didn't fall or wander. It guided us around obstacles and led us ahead. As we moved further along this path, the grip loosened, until it (our companion) finally let go. It started to walk besides us, shoulder-to-shoulder, with a proud look on its face. Encouraged us, pushed us forward. We started to believe in ourselves and moved forward. We thought it'd always be this way. Walking ahead, but never without our companion. But it was not to be. Suddenly, we realized our companion wasn't walking with us anymore; it had left us. We turned back and could see our long-time companion waving back at us, sad, holding back tears, yet proud that we were now MEN who could go out in the world. But there was no going back, we could only look back and say "Goodbye. And thank you."
Yesterday was that day. We finally realized that school life has come to an end for all of us. The end was bitter-sweet.

This is the kinda stuff I'd write in an essay. But as this is a blog post, I'll change my tone.

The farewell was an interesting event which, due to the formally attired students, resembled an Indian wedding. At this point it would be worthwhile to point out Akshat and Gursartaj were somewhat "standing-out". Akshat Verma was totally "pimped-up", dressed in a white suit and a Hawaiian blue shirt. Gudi was dressed so informally, he made everyone else feel rather jealous.
In terms of the timing of the event, it was supposed to start at 2:30 and end at 4:30. However, most people arrived after 3:00 and left by 5:30. The only exceptions to this were Aniket Roy and Gudi. While Gudi arrived at 3:15 and left by 4:00, Aniket walked in at 4:30.
The so-called cultural event was quite ordinary and rather annoying. The skit was a shame, the songs were pathetic and no one was interested. I still don't know why they even tried.
And, yeah, it was hot. Blazing hot. It cooled down a bit by 5:00, though. Like last year, Sid and I tried to fool the guard, who was making an idiot of himself. Last year, Gudi helped us with this task. However, this year, Mohit Taneja and Pritish Malik assumed his position and ably helped us dupe the guard-who-was-making-an-idiot-of-himself.
The food was also pretty ordinary. Aloo tikki and Chaat is not the ideal thing to be served on a supposedly formal event. The food only added to the Shaadi-like atmosphere.
It was also quite hard finding other people. There were close to a thousand students in a football field, after all. It gets quite crowded so basically its a pain trying to find anyone else. Cellphones to the rescue!
By 5:35, we were asked to leave rather curtly. Heck, if they hadn't literally pushed us out, we would've stuck around till god-knows-when.
Then we left. It was over. And let me say its been nice knowing all of you. Thank you.

Check out the pics below.


RG said...

You didn't mention one exception, a.k.a yourself...!

I didn't eat any of the stuff you mentioned though i did notice it...after having my fill...

Dhruv said...

How was I an exception?
I came on time, left on time and was in formal attire.
I don't get it. Please explain.

RG said...

you came at 2:00

unless you take the football ground's edges as the entrance...

Dhruv said...

Ah yes. Thats true. But I came early, not late, so thats not bad. Thats cool.

[\\Kartikeya//] said...

Nice post. Combination of happiness and nostalgia.
I will miss you all.
PS:Isn't coming LATE and leaving EARLY cool?

Gursartaj said...

formal attire my ass
like u said.. u measure the formal quoitent by seeing how uncomfortable something is. Corduroys are very comfortable
And u werent wearing a tie.. so u were quite informal as well.

Dhruv said...

Kartikeya, arriving late and leaving early is NOT cool when its your own farewell.

Dhruv said...

Corduroys may be comfortable, but a blazer certainly ain't. Hence, even according to the discomfort quotient I was informally dressed.

Gursartaj said...

you are saying it yourself that you were informally dressed.. whats ur point?.. hehe

Dhruv said...

Oh shit... that was accidental. Stupid mistake. DAMN.

RG said...


The Curly Brothers!! said...

yes!!! now who is the intellectual one huh?

Aditya said...

bye bye!
will miss you all

PS-rather emotional post *sniff*

Dhruv said...

@Shomi: Huh? I didn't quite get you.

@Aditya: Yes, an emotional post. I can't believe I wrote it.

Aniket said...

haha.. nice one. but i came in at 4:00 not 4:30.. yup thats late though.. the by the way,paneer pakora was excellent and so was the gulab jamun.

Dhruv said...

They had Gulab Jamun?! I didn't see any.

Varun said...

I started with Gulaab Jamuns !!! Wierd na ?? Sweet dish is taken after food ... hehe... :D