Thursday, February 08, 2007

What's with the world?

250 applicants, out of the total 5000 (approx.), were accepted and admitted to the nursery school of DPS. The acceptance rate is about 5%.

5 %.

Wait. Do you know what Harvard's acceptance rate for undergraduate students is?
Ans: 9%

Conclusion: It's harder to get into the Nursery School of DPS than Harvard.



RG said...
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Anonymous said...

Most of the 250 applicants get selected by using their **contacts**.

Abhishek said...

And hey, isn't India overpopulated anyway. Many people don't go to college in America, because they aren't able to get good scholarships. And parents only hold responsibilities over their till their kids are 18.

RG said...

I made a mistake.
What I wanted to say is:

"No, its not really ridiculous.

You see, at the nursery level, there are a lot of applicants who do not have the required criteria for admission. Some are too leaky for their own good in a classroom. Some are struggling with colors.

At UG level though, most morons can solve problems based on substitution in formulae. They are also less likely to have bladder control problems.

Result: It is harder to get into the Nursery class of DPS than Harvard, but its not ridiculous, it's statistically stupid.

Logically fine, of course."

Manx said...

one thing I dont understand is the fact that when i was in prep of DPS EoK, There were 11 sections (combining both EoK and Vasant Vihar). Each section had atleast 40 kids. That translates to around 440 kids at a bare minimum.. Now they have taken only 250.. Where are the rest of the 200 ?

Gursartaj said...

Nursery.. not prep

The BloodReaper said...

@manx: OBC!!!
@RG da man: whats bladder got to do with admission?

Aditya Jain

akshat said...

yea i got in admission the 4 class in eok even though i flunked my maths entrance test

RG said...

No self respecting institution is willing to turn classrooms into toilets.

Gursartaj said...

in my prep entrance test
i had 0/100 on hindi
12/100 on math
and 0/100 on english
ive come a long way havent i

Dhruv said...

You had admission tests in Prep?

Abhishek said...

correction:over *there till

sid said...

same question - you had entrance exam for prep!!!!!

damn , in nursery i just gave an interview that i dont remember and i think they just made me point out which shape was bigger. thats all.