Friday, May 18, 2007

Don't name your dog 'Robin'

Call your dog Robin Hood. Or Robin Uthappa.

No, I'm kidding. Those names are plain stupid (for a dog, that is). But you can still be creative in naming dogs.

For instance, podcaster Mohit Taneja named his dogs Mac and Ubuntu (for those who don't know: they're both names of Operating Systems).

Food for thought.


Anonymous said...

Floppy sounds nice
Custard doubly so

Shruti said...

floppy? custard?
next it'll be sheru.

shush sodhi..

Aditya said...

Bush named his cat India
In protest some 100 people in Bangalore named their dogs 'Bush'.

I say bush isn't a bad name for a dog.

Gursartaj said...

Bush is a stupid name for a dog.. anyone who thinks Bush is a nice name should go drown in a bucket.
Nokia would be a nice name..
or apple.. or lisa..
How King Arthur?
or King Louis the 19th

Anu said...

wats wid da obsession wid french stuff n kings?? is definitely a cute name.
is this a guilt trip u name dur dog somethin really weird??

Aditya said...

sorry mate, wont fit in a bucket

Anonymous said...

now i'm at sea

[\\Kartikeya//] said...

Talking about innovation...

Suvina said...

i like the name tipsie. its a cute name.

could somebody sue someone for naming his or her dog jesus or judas or something like that?