Friday, May 11, 2007

What do you think?

Quick question: Which URL do you guys think is better?

Assistance will be greatly appreciated and I shall forever remain in your debt, eager to do you a good turn (seriously, guys, help out a confused guy!).


Varun Khetarpal said...

Boy ! You bought that domain ? I tell u its damn cool !

Gr81 said...

blogspot is very orthodox i think. sounds better.

And if u plan to continue wid blogging for a few years (though there might b better options by then) then i wuld suggest

Waise did u really buy that domain?

Aditya said... is nice

Abhishek Nandakumar said...

You'll lose your current pagerank. If you're really interested in switching domains then why not or .com?

» sahil said... OR


Anu said...

the current one is the best..retain ur readers..ppl who u dont know..who've been readin ur blog for quite some time..for did u get my blog?

aqseer said...
u really ought'nt [yes made up condensed word] throw a ques to the world like that, everybody says diff things
unless u plan to go with the majority

Anu said...

otherwise the third one seems nice.

Dhruv said...

Thank you, everyone. I think I'll stick with for the time being and maybe switch to something cooler later.
I don't like the idea of losing my pagerank and current readers.
Not for now atleast.

Gursartaj said...

what happened to

[\\Kartikeya//] said... or! :D

Suvina said...

i think its a tie between and i must say, the sounds really nice.

lovely blog. i added you to my blogroll.
cheers ^^