Thursday, December 07, 2006

DPS MUN 2006 Day 1

DAY 1 started off well. RG picked us (i.e. me and Kartikeya) in a black scorpio, while he was wearing an all-black suit with black shades (the shades eventually became a sensation at DPS MUN 2006).
The first day took a while taking off. Actually, it never took off. We had no work to do and were busy playing games and bothering people. Tea was taking a little longer than we were expecting, so we started a good 15 minutes before the actual "Tea Time" by having our share of cookies from the wrapped cookie plate.
Gudi arrived late, with his Senior Pagdi. Also, Sid and I went to AAD pretending to be traders (Wall Street, btw). We discussed ENRON stock in front of the waiter before we made our exit (pretending to be busy) without buying anything as we didnt have enough money.
At this point, it is worth mentioning the Gangster's Hole aka Room two. Room two was the room given to CIS (technically, its ICS but I prefer CIS). We moved in two laptops (RG's thinkpad and Sid's PowerBook) and 7 chairs into a tiny room. Eventually (on the second day) we smuggled in coke and switched off the lights, giving it the resemblance to a Gangster's hideout, as Vibhu pointed out.
Manas Gautam and the rest of the CIS department persisted with their games after lunch (the only good things in lunch were the mass kofta and the chocolate ice-cream). However, I joined Ishaan Chugh in his pursuit to dupe any loser we could lay our hands on. We randomly stopped people and asked them weird questions (and took fake interviews). Ah! Sadistic pleasure. Manas also joined us for a while.
After lunch, Sid and I went to AAD and ordered some stuff. However, we once again left abruptly without paying and/or eating. DAMN!
So day 1 was basically a waste of time, however we enjoyed it thoroughly.

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