Friday, December 29, 2006

The one with no soul

Today, waiting for MS (the Cow), I had the unique opportunity of spending a full hour with "The One with no soul." During the course of this hour, I perused this individual's recommendation and found the following phrases, scattered all over that vile document:-
  1. endeared himself to students and teachers alike, within two years of joining the school
  2. left his mark in the school
  3. will be remembered and cherished by the school for years to come
  4. one of the most confident, charismatic and intelligent students the school has ever seen
Pretty impressive. I raised my eyes and peered at the individual closely. Never before had I seen a seedier specimen than the one I beheld. Short, dark, with a pinched face and half-closed eyes, as if avoiding the sun. He wore photo chromatic spectacles that gave him the look of a vile, evil-smelling insect. Repulsive.
And yet points no. 1,2,3 and 4 had been placed in this individuals recommendation.
Upon further inquiry, the specimen (human scum or the one with no soul) admitted that he had written the recommendation himself. Ah, that explains it, I said to myself. My indignation subsided momentarily.
However, moments later, the following question struck me: "Has he no shame? Has he no soul? Has he no mirror to look himself in the face with?". The fellow looked as bad as a dung-beetle on steroids. As an uninspiring as a hippo-hunter. As insipid and dull as a cold pizza.
But really, has he no soul? No conscience?
Anyhow, thats the end of my rant. Lets move to brighter topics.
Abolish the question mark
Yes. Abolish it. Isn't it a tad annoying that everytime we have to ask a question, we have to use the shift + / combination? I propose to use a / in place of the question mark. Its easier to use and looks a lot cooler.
For Example:
Person: How are you/
Other Person: Im good. You/
Henceforth, I will replace the question mark with a / in all my online conversations. Thank you for bearing with me.
S'all for now.


RG said...

Abolishing the excalmation mark would be equally easy on the shift key.

mine tends to get stuck and open SHIFTKEYS! = A new way for windows to annoy you! Try typing anything and it wont work the way you want!

Hate it. Hate the cow too.

sid said...

mind you all key boards should have seperate keys for all shift combos...

And i understand through the cryptic clues you have given that we are talking about Mr. BALTI, as mohit calles him.

Dhruv said...

Hehe. Sid, you got it spot on.

Gr81 said...

Well dunno who's this Mr. Balti... (Do I know him//)
Anyway even I hav read a couple of ppl's recos and I couldn't stop laughin!! (PS: Any option for '!'//)

its fun usin // :D

And yeah, नव वर्ष की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएँ!

Enjoy the ŋëω YΣαЯ!

Anonymous said...

the new year sucks... preboards... nywayz cya...