Thursday, December 07, 2006

DPS MUN 2006 Day 3

DAY 3. The last and final day. We had absolutely no work, so we started doing other weird stuff.
First thing in the morning, Gudi, Adarsh and I went to AAD (All American Diner). Adarsh had a vegetable hoagie. (I love that word)
So, obviously, Kartikeya and I went to the plenary early morning, accompanied by Manas. Manas and I eventually got bored and almost fell asleep while Kartikeya continued to incessantly flirt with that messenger from Class XI.
Lunch was crap. I hated it. Sid and I then had three strips of bacon at AAD. Finally.
There wasn't any entertainment point this year, unlike the last. So, we soon had the closing ceremony, where we couldn't show our video (with RG doing the "MUN"walk. I hope someone puts it up on youtube). Eventually, the crowd dispersed and we all went home.


RG said...

You didnt mention the battery in the water :P

Dhruv said...

Hehe. Yeah. Duracell.

Dhruv said...

Now that I think of it, I should've taken a picture of it. DAMN.