Saturday, July 29, 2006

Two words

I posed this question to someone:
"What do you plan to do after the exams?"
And I got this reply:
"I have two words for that: Relax"
Go figure!

The day before Monday

It just so happens that tomorrow is a monday, and today is the day before it i.e. Sunday. A beautiful day, I must say, which finds me busily (yeah, right!) studying computer science for the upcoming test.
Getting to more exciting stuff, there is a race today. Which means I have something to look forward to.
I'll end this post with a question.
Why are people so incredibly stupid?

A tussle with a cow

From the Boondoggle blog. Posted 5/16/2005
The "cow menace" has really gone beyond being a menace in New Delhi nowadays. I was witness to one such event of "Cow Rage" (all phrases in quotes were coined and used by TOI, not me).

The sole motive of the cow seemed to be to try and insert its horn through the metallic shell of the car (much like a fork through an omelet), and the sole motive of the car's driver was to get as far away from the cow as possible. When such clashes of strong-minded (and possibly fat-headed) individuals take place, there is bound to be a heated argument and an exchange of words..
But this wasn't the case this time. The driver was cursing the cow in all languages known to him, but the cow was either very thick-skinned or just wasn't concerned. It went about its work in a manner which would've put business-oriented Europeans to shame.
All were having a merry time, when suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, six burly "jaat" cops, equipped with lathis and ropes emerged and dispersed the crowd. The cow was more obstinate and refused to budge.
The exalted leader of the "jaat" cops shouted to the cow "Key karan lagra hai?" (What are you doing?)
The cow, unfortunately, didn't understand and remained quiet on the issue (maybe it didnt wish to hurt diplomatic sentiments). This infuriated the exalted leader of the "jaat" cops, who after glancing at his lathi proceeded to place the lathi underneath the cow, and then pushed upwards.
To this the cow replied with a loud grunt and moved away, much to the disappointment of the now dispersed (but still expectant) crowd.
The thing fizzled out without much action, but it could've led to something serious. The point I'm trying to make is this: Why doesn't the highly incompetent MCD do something about this?
Something must be done to avoid a clash of interests and avert impending disaster.

Food Junkies

A junky is a person who is addicted to heroin, but the word can now be used to describe a person who is enthusiastic about anything. Thus comes the concept of a food junky.
A food junky is a person who is particularly enthusiastic about eating good food in good quantities, with a fairly decent frequency. I am such a person. I love food, I love eating. Both give me immoderate pleasure.
My love for food goes to such an extent that I have found myself concentrating more intensely on my food than my date on numerous occasions. I'm sure people find it irritating, but so what?
My love for food is challenged only by possibly one other thing: my love and passion for coke. People who know me will readily testify that I can effortlessly gulp down 4-5 bottles of coke (and I'm talking about the 600ml ones) in a day.
Everyone has their different passions. So do I. To each his own, I say.

The purpose of this blog

There are many things that I wish to achieve through this blog. The most significant aim of blogging is to keep in touch with my friends and acquantances once I leave DPS RKP, my school, and possibly Delhi, my city. I realize it'll become very difficult to interact with all of them online or via email, and so the idea of blog comes naturally to ones mind.
Another reason for blogging here on this blog is because I enjoy writing and blogging.
Now that I've explained the intent of this blog, I can start posting meaningful (this might be an exaggeration) posts here.

Friday, July 14, 2006

A word about the template

I do not intend to stick with this template, it's only in place temporarily till I come up with something better, something cooler and neater.


Welcome to Slurpin'.
I originally used to write on "the boondoggle blog", but I took a break from blogging, and the once renowned boondoggle blog fell into a state of negligence. I planned to relaunch the boondoggle blog as "the Boondoggle blog: Part Deux", but I eventually settled for Slurpin', which I found was much shorter and easier to spell and remember.
So, now that I have a name, I've created a blog and embarked on a great journey, a journey which will hopefully be a memorable one.
As an introduction, I think this will suffice, but do expect more interesting stuff from me, and keep coming back.
P.S. I may in due course repost some of my posts from the Boondoggle blog, and then again, I might not.