Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Circular Monopoly

Apparently, the monopoly board is going to be re-invented for it's 75th birth anniversary. The two major innovations:
1. A circular board
2. Debit cards instead of banknotes
I'm not sure about either move. The monopoly board is one of the most iconic and easily identified boards on the planet. Generations have grown up playing on that board; this change merely breaks that tradition.
As for replacing banknotes with debit cards, hmm, that's trickier. It's a reflection of our times; our dependence on paper money is steadily declining. Future generations will most certainly be more familiar with plastic money... but, the traditionalist and purist in me is not happy. I was really fond of those colourful monopoly banknotes as a child, and it's really a shame that a part of my childhood will cease to exist.
Perhaps it's time to move on...