Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam Hussein - Dead. Hanged (not hung, mind you) this morning.

The one with no soul

Today, waiting for MS (the Cow), I had the unique opportunity of spending a full hour with "The One with no soul." During the course of this hour, I perused this individual's recommendation and found the following phrases, scattered all over that vile document:-
  1. endeared himself to students and teachers alike, within two years of joining the school
  2. left his mark in the school
  3. will be remembered and cherished by the school for years to come
  4. one of the most confident, charismatic and intelligent students the school has ever seen
Pretty impressive. I raised my eyes and peered at the individual closely. Never before had I seen a seedier specimen than the one I beheld. Short, dark, with a pinched face and half-closed eyes, as if avoiding the sun. He wore photo chromatic spectacles that gave him the look of a vile, evil-smelling insect. Repulsive.
And yet points no. 1,2,3 and 4 had been placed in this individuals recommendation.
Upon further inquiry, the specimen (human scum or the one with no soul) admitted that he had written the recommendation himself. Ah, that explains it, I said to myself. My indignation subsided momentarily.
However, moments later, the following question struck me: "Has he no shame? Has he no soul? Has he no mirror to look himself in the face with?". The fellow looked as bad as a dung-beetle on steroids. As an uninspiring as a hippo-hunter. As insipid and dull as a cold pizza.
But really, has he no soul? No conscience?
Anyhow, thats the end of my rant. Lets move to brighter topics.
Abolish the question mark
Yes. Abolish it. Isn't it a tad annoying that everytime we have to ask a question, we have to use the shift + / combination? I propose to use a / in place of the question mark. Its easier to use and looks a lot cooler.
For Example:
Person: How are you/
Other Person: Im good. You/
Henceforth, I will replace the question mark with a / in all my online conversations. Thank you for bearing with me.
S'all for now.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

In the OAT, DPS RKP. Those were the days.

I'm building up courage to go to school tomorrow to visit MS aka the Cow aka TeaPot aka the high Bovine. She really is a pain in the backside.

Monday, December 25, 2006

The pre-boards are at hand
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the pre-boards are at hand. If you haven't realized it by now, then you're in trouble. If you have realized that they're at hand and yet you're here reading this, then you've simply accepted that you're in trouble and you plan to live with it.
Orkut is good
I've been using orkut for the past week (I've been on orkut much longer, but I never used it seriously) and I'm pleased to say that it's way, way better than Hi5. Hi5 is just too childish. Now that I've passed out of school, I figured it was time to grow up, so I gave Hi5 the boot and switched to orkut.
Madras Gin
Thats the name of my future company. I've been told it sounds like an exotic cocktail. Hmm. Thats not necessarily a bad thing, though.
Parting Shot
Go to The Big Chill in Khan Market, if you get the chance. The food is amazing. Really amazing.

I guess this is all for now. I must now go, make myself iced tea, consume it and proceed to do integral calculus.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to one and all. Have a great day.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The times are changing.

I'm in an exceptionally good mood today. Let me explain why:-
1. On Saturday, I was rejected by Stanford.
2. An FIR was lodged against me (among other people) and a complaint for under-aged drinking was filed against me in the school.
As it happens, today I got accepted by the University of Surrey. I had initially planned to do History at Stanford or one of the ivy leagues, but now I'm veering towards doing EE or CE at a good univ in the United Kingdom. SO, obviously I was elated.
Interestingly, the FIR and the complaint against me, both, were withdrawn/dropped today. The FIR was obviously weighing on my mind and bothering me quite a bit. Anyhow. Life is good.

Among other things, I just discovered that the final book in the Harry Potter series will be called "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" which, I must say, is a dreadful name.

Thanks to Google Analytics, I also discovered that people have reached my blog after searching for "the internet is full of shit". I'm sure it is, but what sort of people go out of their way and do a search in Google, specifically to look for shit? Strange.

Anyhow, I must repeat that life is good. RG, Sid, Gudi and I plan to open a company next year. We haven't really decided what the company will do, but we're still starting a company. I hope we call it "Madras Gin", which is an anagram of "RG is da man". Lets see.

Goodbye for now.
Dhruv Kumar
P.S. I am a student of DPS RKP (RK Puram)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Codewars 2006 is ours. HAHA. The sweet taste of victory.

Monday, December 18, 2006

I just had kiwi juice. It tasted alot like aam panna. Go figure.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

DPS MUN 2006

DPS MUN (or DPSMUN?) 2006 came to an end yesterday. It certainly was a 'worthwhile' experience. Let me elaborate.
Btw, be sure to read RG's day-wise posts on DPS MUN 2006 and check out his pics.
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Also, check out Gudi's blog for his post on MUN.
Well, thats that. Its gone. Its over. DAMN.

DPS MUN 2006 Day 3

DAY 3. The last and final day. We had absolutely no work, so we started doing other weird stuff.
First thing in the morning, Gudi, Adarsh and I went to AAD (All American Diner). Adarsh had a vegetable hoagie. (I love that word)
So, obviously, Kartikeya and I went to the plenary early morning, accompanied by Manas. Manas and I eventually got bored and almost fell asleep while Kartikeya continued to incessantly flirt with that messenger from Class XI.
Lunch was crap. I hated it. Sid and I then had three strips of bacon at AAD. Finally.
There wasn't any entertainment point this year, unlike the last. So, we soon had the closing ceremony, where we couldn't show our video (with RG doing the "MUN"walk. I hope someone puts it up on youtube). Eventually, the crowd dispersed and we all went home.

DPS MUN 2006 Day 2

DAY 2 also had a deceptively tame start. However, things soon changed and we were flooded by numerous resolutions scribbled by a battalion of idiotic delegates with impossible-to-decipher handwriting.
I picked up a resolution and read the first clause, which was:
Deeply distressed, by the dung problem in the world.
Hey, so am I, but is it worth discussing in a session of the UN? Turns out it was actually 'drug', not 'dung'.
Lunch was okay. RG realized that he'd been given a coupon with the number 666 written on it. So, naturally , I planned to take advantage of the situation for some good fun and we started composing a letter demanding a formal apology from the USG, Food Coupons (yes, they have USGs for everything. They also have a Vella USG Clan, known as the VUSGC). However, RG and I somehow misplaced the letter.
Day 2 was also the day when we created the Gangster's Hole. The lights were switched off, and more chairs were moved in. Day 2 was also the day when Adarsh became an unofficial member of CIS. He helped us play games and type resolutions.
RG and I also smuggled in coke from a nearby marketplace into Habitat. RG's resourcefulness must once again be brought to the reader's notice. We stuffed 2 two litre bottles in the pockets of his jackets, and it was still impossible to make out that he was carrying anything underneath his all-black attire.
At about 3:30, Kartikeya, Sahil and I went to the Plenary, pretending to be part of the International Press. Obviously, we sat there and read stupid messages. Also, Kartikeya kept flirting with a certain messenger from class XI who kept showing us flirty messages that delegates were sending each other (I mention this only for the sake of completeness. Also because this messenger must not be confused with another "friend" of Kartikeya's from class X). I eventually had to pull him away from the plenary, otherwise the amorous escapade would have never ended.
At the end of day 2, I took a picure of Vibhu's coffee before going home.

DPS MUN 2006 Day 1

DAY 1 started off well. RG picked us (i.e. me and Kartikeya) in a black scorpio, while he was wearing an all-black suit with black shades (the shades eventually became a sensation at DPS MUN 2006).
The first day took a while taking off. Actually, it never took off. We had no work to do and were busy playing games and bothering people. Tea was taking a little longer than we were expecting, so we started a good 15 minutes before the actual "Tea Time" by having our share of cookies from the wrapped cookie plate.
Gudi arrived late, with his Senior Pagdi. Also, Sid and I went to AAD pretending to be traders (Wall Street, btw). We discussed ENRON stock in front of the waiter before we made our exit (pretending to be busy) without buying anything as we didnt have enough money.
At this point, it is worth mentioning the Gangster's Hole aka Room two. Room two was the room given to CIS (technically, its ICS but I prefer CIS). We moved in two laptops (RG's thinkpad and Sid's PowerBook) and 7 chairs into a tiny room. Eventually (on the second day) we smuggled in coke and switched off the lights, giving it the resemblance to a Gangster's hideout, as Vibhu pointed out.
Manas Gautam and the rest of the CIS department persisted with their games after lunch (the only good things in lunch were the mass kofta and the chocolate ice-cream). However, I joined Ishaan Chugh in his pursuit to dupe any loser we could lay our hands on. We randomly stopped people and asked them weird questions (and took fake interviews). Ah! Sadistic pleasure. Manas also joined us for a while.
After lunch, Sid and I went to AAD and ordered some stuff. However, we once again left abruptly without paying and/or eating. DAMN!
So day 1 was basically a waste of time, however we enjoyed it thoroughly.