Monday, January 22, 2007

After the Boards

Heres what I want to do (among other things) after the boards:-
  1. Ride a bike all the way to Chandigarh.
  2. Sleep at 8 PM and not wake up till 8 PM the next day
  3. Eat 2 dominators (or 4 footlong subs)
  4. Get totally sloshed
  5. Watch the entire LOTR trilogy back-to-back
  6. Re-read Hitchiker's Guide
  7. Watch each episode of Star Wars, in order
  8. Watch every Bond movie ever made, in chronological order
  9. Start Madras Gin
  10. Visit Goa and run along the coast in my nothing but my boxers
  11. Do Bungee Jumping and Zorbing (Added later)
Nothing very crazy or wild, but its just some stuff I'd like to do after them boards.
What does the Times Person of the Year (i.e. you) want to do after the boards?


RG said...

Let's hope you get to do all of em.

gursartaj said...

so i shall join you to chandigarh, i got a place to stay there.
sleeping, hmm.. ive slept 24 hrs.. no big deal
i can do 2 footlong subs
i wanna watch Star wars and bond as well..
i lost the first book of my trilogy of five books
start madras gin, yea me too
not going to goa
write a book

Dhruv said...

Oh yes, I must add 'Write a book' to this list.

Dhruv said...

Oh and btw, let me clarify: I'm talking about an actual bike, not a mobike or anything.

[\\Kartikeya//] said...

Ahh well.....You got a BIG list there. Ya, let's hope u do all the things....
But i think planning after the exams is better, cause then u can plan right-on knowing the situation.
Things have never gone according to plan for me.............
And yeah even I am going to Goa after ze boards....
Best of luck for ur book and Madras Gin...
signing off

raghav said...

i still can't figure out how big your stomach is!

btw, cycling all that way would be highly enjoyable.way to go!

best of luck for Madras Gin and for the Boards.

Dhruv said...

Hehe. I have a big appetite.

Madras Gin is going to be awesome.