Saturday, January 27, 2007

Featured Geek: Sid Nangia

In the first part of the "Featured Geek" series, Slurpin' Editor-in-Chief Dhruv Kumar interviewed Sid Nangia. The complete transcript of the interview is reproduced below.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Sid Nangia is the Editor of Under_Score, a Member of Exun's Core Group, Director of the ECOSOC at DPS MUN 2006 and Chief Executive Officer of Madras Gin. He's also the man behind Under_Score's Cover (literally, Varun Khetarpal is the man behind Under_Score's cover) and the smashing Exun 2006 Intro Video.

1. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Hopefully running my own company somewhere out there.

2. Describe your idea of heaven.
Mac Book Pro + Gisele Bundchen ( youll get this one by the time your reach Q. 8)

3. Linux or OS X?

4. iPhone or Aeon?
Aeon looks awesome , but its just a concept. I'll go with the iPhone. (okay apple fan here)

5. Best thing about 2006 ?
we thought up MADRAS GIN

6. Best thing about 2007 (so far)
i got accepted at CMU

7. Salma Hayek or Gisele Bundchen?
Gisele Bundchen

8. What would you rather have in bed next to you: a Mac Book Pro or Gisele Bundchen?
Gisele Bundchen , cant bring my self to say macbook pro regardless of the way i spin it.

9. ZFS, HFS or NTFS?
ZFS, Max file size 16 exabytes - gotta love it

10. One word to describe Slurpin'

Keep your eyes peeled for the next "Featured Geek".


RG said...

great caption for the pic.

nice interview.

gursartaj said...

good one

Gr81 said...

That pic is simply amazing!!
He's lukin so grown up... as if after 5 years..

Dhruv said...

Now that you mention it, he does look kind of older. Like 25 or something.

sid said...

thats my um.. camera face.

[\\Kartikeya//] said...

Nice interview...Funny...
Ha Photogenic Sid....
Waiting for the upcoming interview....

Varun Khetarpal said...

Well, the concept of having a "featured geek" series is really interesting. Moreover, to have Sid as a geek is even more interesting.

Dhruv said...

Hey Varun, thanks for commenting my friend. Keep commenting, keep reading.