Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Some strange words

Some strange, real English words:-


Really funny sounding words, if you ask me. English is a strange language.


akshat said...

this is the link to the computer practical file of our school those interested may download the file in courier font


Dhruv said...

Cool. Thanks.
Btw, Akshat what happened to your blog?

Gursartaj said...

and it is imperative to recall that dhruvs blog was called the boondoggle blog at one point of time

akshat said...

yea i have been keepin a low profile on the blog since the day i found out my mother readin my highly disregardful blog ,will open it with another name or sumthimg and let u guys know

Dhruv said...

Yeah, my previous blog which was located at dhruvkumar.blogspot.com was called the boondoggle blog.

I'd love to declassify the boondoggle archive, there are some really cool posts in it.

aniket said...

this is what is known as a floccinaucinihilipilific post..
wht's the use???