Thursday, January 11, 2007

All that glitters is not gold

Message to Apple fanboys: All that glitters isn't gold.

Take a look at the resemblance between LG's phone and Apple's iPhone.

It was obvious that Apple wasn't going to manufacture the iPhone themselves, but now it seems like one of the following occurred:-
1. Apple sub-contracted to LG
2. LG and Apple both sub-contracted to the same manufacturer
1 is likelier.


[\\Kartikeya//] said...


Abhishek said...

That's lawsuit number two.

rg said...

you cant file lawsuits over things like that. That would lead to every car company in the world sueing every other company....

The Alpha Male said...

Of course you can file a lawsuit if the design is legally protected

Anonymous said...

So you like dimsum

Dhruv said...

Hehe. Vibhu vs RG again.

To anonymous: Yes. But thats a strange question. And btw, who are you?

Dhruv said...

And I think it IS possible to file lawsuits over such things.

rg said...

The design is essentially different. File a lawsuit over using a touch screen? I think not.

(I think not is not another way of saying "I am incapable of thinking" as some dumbasses would interpret)

gursartaj said...

well since apple patented multi touch. i dont see how anyone can use it without apples permission
and without giving money to jobs

Dhruv said...

Multi-touch is just a new name for the same old thing. No big deal about it.
Anyone can make a touch-screen display and call it anything they like, but that doesnt mean that Apple can sue them for that. After all, Apple has NOT invented the touch-screen display.

sid said...

the Lg phone doesnt have multi touch... no law suits there.

btw, it seems no one contracted to no one and all the details on the LG phone are out.

no US launch, not much color , no sensors and most of all no worthwhile storage space (just an SD slot)
Its just a promo with Prada it seems. And on top of all the missing features it cost $780( 600 euros) compared to $499 for the 4GB iphone.

Dhruv said...

LG's phone is now the Prada Phone? Cool.
The point about multi-touch that Ive been trying to make for a while is that there is NOTHING really new or revolutionary about it. Its just another touch-screen display. Period.

Anyhow, I dont really care for LG. They make crappy phones.

Nokia shall triumph in the end. Mark my words.

Oh and Btw, if you want to see a pretty phone (although its still a concept), do a google search for Nokia Aeon. Now that phone is orgasmic.

sid said...

multi touch is just another touch screen but the sofware that drives it is the key. the ability to diffrentiate between diffrent guestures with multiple fingers on the same screen is what the patent is all about. Not the screen it self.