Thursday, May 10, 2007

Five strangely named websites that made it big

Finding a great domain name doesn't necessarily translate to a popular website; quite often, strangely named websites have struck gold. Here's a list of 5 such companies

1. Google
It doesn't get any stranger - or bigger - than this. This Mountain View-based search giant's name is seemingly based on the word 'googol' which, btw, has as little to do with search as google does. But who cares? It's the world's most popular search engine.
2. Yahoo!
Once again, what has the name 'Yahoo!' got to do with any of its services (or anything at all)? Nothing.
3. Youtube
Probably one of the world's most popular websites, this video-sharing site. Another strange name, but who cares? (I repeat myself, but that's the whole point behind this post: the name doesn't matter!)
4. Digg
Although Digg is often used as both a noun and a verb on, the word itself has no inherent meaning nor does it serve any purpose, as such.
5. Flickr
Okay, arguably flickr does mean something (i.e. Flicker) but it's totally unrelated to the site. And that's the list. 5 weird names. Extremely successful, despite the names.

The success is ofcourse due to something: innovation. All these sites brought something new to the table and established themselves, their brands and got away with some strange names. But then, that's life.

The list of such companies/sites is endless. Reditt, Odeo, Kanoodle, Zoomr, etc.


Ramit Singal said...

Brilliant post. But then again, as you said the list is endless. Even Apple, if you think about it.

RaSh said...

Maybe a strange name leads to more popularity...


Abhishek Nandakumar said...

Someone in Apple told me that it name originated from the idea of an apple falling on Newton. Apple -> Ideas -> Innovation.

But since Apple has not brought that forward, I still am not sure about how much truth lies in that.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered how they come up with these awkward names.

Joe said...

I'm changing my site title to "Barfdoodle".

I'll remember you all when I'm famous.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post - I never thought about this before. I came here via problogger.

Anu said...

true! but sometimes weird stuff tends to attract people ;)
..anoder brilliant post as always...

Anonymous said...

gerald durrels boat was called the bootle bumtrinket
[u really shud read my family and other animals]
rowling THRives on odd names
....its funner.
plus it kinda makes a person do a double take
yahoo is kinda self explanatory isnt it?
yahoo=awesum fun?
the rest are yes. plain odd
:D i like the odd things u chose to write on

Anonymous said...

What is Microsoft supposed to mean?

Jebadiah Moore said...

Harry- Microsoft comes from Microprocessor Software.

And Youtube means something: "You", as in Time Person of the Year, and "tube", as in the TV.

Dhruv said...

Sorry, wasnt aware of the meaning behind youtube.

Anonymous said...

heard of ?? Sounds interesting doesn't ?

Weird but interesting...