Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The beginning of the end

The end is nigh.

Yesterday, I dropped TCA (he's off to Xavier's Mumbai) off at the airport, said Good bye and it suddenly started to sink in. He's first to go; one down. Those days are over. And this is just the beginning. One-by-one, all of us will be gone. Dispersed. The good-old days are gone forever. Those vodka-fueled mornings have come to an end. It was fun while it lasted.

Sadly, this "realization" is always a little late coming. By the time I realized that school was kick-ass fun, it was nearly over. Same thing with class 12-H.

I'm leaving this lovely city on the 14th of July. And now that my exile is about to begin, I've even started to "miss" New Delhi, even the most despicable places in town. Such is life; life is like custard.

At this point, let me also say that dropping off another guy at the airport is kind of awkward. Embarrassing, too. An awkward handshake and an awkward 'it was nice knowing you' and a slightly-less awkward "don't forget the vodka" sealed it.

On a brighter note, I have a series of posts planned in which I plan to blow the lid off DPS MUN, the CBSE and explain why DPS RKP is the biggest scam since... (well, something, but it's a scam). As an insider to all three of the aforementioned, I have a good deal to say.

Ah yes, I'm back. And I'm not "living in the past"


Abhishek Nandakumar said...

Posted in "Random", once again?

Ramit Singal said...

Finally, you posted.

I guess the only thing one does remember about school after graduating is the company, friends. I know that's all I would miss :)

Looking forward to the expose ;)

Ramit Singal said...

Oh, and by the way, DPS Mathura Road is the biggest scam :D *saying it proudly*

Dhruv said...

Yup, Random, as always.

Dhruv said...

"Random is the new order"

Ramit Singal said...

P.S. "I have a serious of posts planned"

Correction required.

Anonymous said...

Umm, life is a custard. Any explanations for that one?

Anu said...

ah! its gonna pass...it'll HAVE to!
"realizations"...of any manner whatsoever are mostly painful!
PS great ure back.

RaSh said...

"Not living in the past"
Gud. Thats d only option we hav right? It really feels a bit "weird" (I hav a pathetic vocab, so cant think of any other word). But yes like many more things, this one also had to get over. Anyway once u get into ur uni, u'll slowly get over this!

Keep posting!

RG said...

I'm here.

Just announcing my presence.